Why do they do all those things?
As they torture the little girls she sings
She cries for America each day
But America cant hear what she says

But just a little word from you
The smallest of letters
That will do
Shell make it through the day
If they let her pray
Get down on your knees
Listen to what she says

A prisoner of conscience so they say
She waved a flag
She shouted on that day
They carried her away
Beat her until she bled
Now the only friends she knows
Are the voices in her head

Now shes living all alone
In a tiny cage they call her home
Hasnt spoke a word
Hasnt said a thing
Only thing that keeps her going
Are the words that she sings

Theres too much violence in the world
Theres too much jealousy and greed
Theres to much hatred in our hearts

Set her free
Set her free

To walk in the sun
And dance in the rain

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