I've been drinking brew for breakfast having sugar for my tea ,
When I look into the mirror I ain't recognising me ,
I see a man from the future , a ghost from the past  ,
I'm a victim of the things I do and they never last .

A little bit of God's mercy .

I got a temper like a summers day , got a look as cold as ice ,
Got a heart as cold as winter ,  got a weakness for vice,
And I walk around the world I leave the wreckage in my wake ,
Stitch me up babe , wash my face in holy water .

A little bit of God's mercy .

One day we were rich the next day we were poor ,
The fire in my heart ain't raging any more ,
My lithium levels they're too low , the doctor says I'm gonna blow ,
The chemical inside my vein is playing havoc with my brain,

And I need a little bit of God's mercy

Like a raven in a murder like a junkie with a gun ,
Shooting off a bullet kill the mother kill the son ,
What else can I do to get this mood across to you ?
What else can I say ?

Get down on your knees and pray for a little bit of God's Mercy .
And she said  , "Get you're shit together I ain't here for the weather  , have you got enough to fill me up ?"

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