Forever Before

As I walk across the room
You hit me like a train
And we're lost inside a stare that we can't break
Its like I've know you once before
And you left me wanting more
And two souls collide
Across this time and space

I've been thinking of your face
All those things I can't replace
Because I've known you
Forever before

And there's something in your eyes
That I completely recognize
I've been waiting for this moment
For all my days
This was meant to be
It was written in the stars
And I've been with you
Across all time and space


And I fell for you
When we first met
And we've rode horses across Tibet
And we've sailed the 7 seas
And fished the ocean
And I've fought with you
For a righteous cause
We were side by side in the Trojan Wars
And we've danced across the plains of Arizona

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