Life After Life

We were both sailors
Adrift on life's ocean
Mountainous waves
And just our devotion
We were once soldiers
That went missing in action
Brought back together
Rebirths attraction

And I keep falling
I keep falling
I keep falling in love with you

You are his wife
And I am your lover
You are a beauty
A love like no other
You are my judge and he is my jury
I'm just a sinner
Left to God's fury


Billions of years
Combine in an instant
Move across time
The least line of resistance
There's a hole in the sky
On an event horizon
We journey on
To some other dimension

Perhaps we'll be kings
Maybe be paupers
Nomads in the desert
Or dolphins in the water


Waiting for you
Waiting for you
Life after life
Day after day
Waiting for you

Billions of years
Billions of souls can go by
But I'm waiting

And we'll be together

..........Like a code in the ether

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