Like An Addict Needs A Drug

You love her smile
The lines around her eyes
The way she moves
When she tells you lies
You need her in your life
You love to see her face
You want to kiss her lips
You love going around her place

Like the desert needs the rain
Like a blind man needs his cane
Like an addict needs a drug
So your body needs her love

You like her secrets
The scent of her hair
You feel so lonely the moment she's not there
You forgive her moods
The times that she won't talk
You watch her move
The locomotion of her walk


Forgive give her anything
The stars and the moon
Seas rise and fall but its over way to soon
You'd search the world for a girl just like her
Yeah you would


Your love is deeper than the oceon
Higher than the sky
Wider than the world
And older than the stars

Search the world just for her
Walk the earth just for her
Climb mountains for her
Walk the earth just for her

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