Echoes of The Earth

Hey you could be rich
If you just sell your soul
You could burn up the world
And youd never be cold
If you dont mind to see poor children go hungry
Then you could live like a king without even a care

You could live on forever
In science and dreams
With medicine to cure
If you dont mind the animals screams
You could just save yourself
Well at least for a while
But I guess in the end theres a man's final mile

Hear the echoes of the Earth as she dies
See the crescent of the moon
Inside your eyes
Watch the stars across Orion as they bleed
Because man will always drown in his own greed

You could be safe
If youd just give up your freedom
Be watched everyday by the states big surveillance
You could surrender your bloods DNA
And they'll keep it on file
Till they need it someday
You'll be a number
They hold on computer
And all that you love you'll have given away


It's in the ignorance of violence - The futility of war
In the eyes of the soldier - Who is empty and afraid
In the stance of the fool - Who is brandishing the gun
In the hatred of the crowd - When there's nowhere left to run
In the politics of power - And the banking of the rich
In the lies that you're fed - And the secrets that are kept
In the words of advice - That you never chose to heed
In the whisper of the truth - That is hidden from your ears

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