Under Northern Stars

15 August 2023

ROJOR will release his new album 'Under Northern Stars' on Friday 1st September 2023. The album features 10 songs including singles 'You're My One True Religion' and 'Beyond the Transporter Bridge'.

ROJOR says: "My new album explores my roots with opening songs 'Northern Stars' and 'Over This River' looking at my upbringing on Teesside. The industrial backdrop is a gift to writers in terms of its scale and imagery - I wanted to tap into this. 'Beyond the Transporter Bridge' is another song that relies heavily on the imagery of my childhood. The album also includes radio tracks 'You're My One True Religion', 'When The Stars Go Out' and 'Falling from Grace'. In terms of style this album has a chilled indie vibe - another quintessentially ROJOR album"

Cover Artwork

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